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          1. 80YUways

            Shark Cartilage

            Specification: 740mg/cap*60caps/bot

            Dosage: Capsules
            Suggested Dosage and Usage: 5 capsules 3 time daily
            Main Ingredients: Shark Cartilage
            Storage: Store in dry, cool and dark place
            Notice: This products can not instead of drugs
            Main function: The main components of shark cartilage are protein and chondroitin sulfate. The former is a necessary nutrient to mankind. The latter, proved by modern medicine, is a representative substance that is rich in cohesive materials and can activate connective tissue and delay aging, and improve immunity. In addition, this product can effectively improve rheumatic arthritis etc. It can reduce the wearing and tearing of connective tissue, pain of joint and tumefaction.
            Recommend for: People with pain of joint, tumefaction, arthritis, muscle inflammation, thighbone putrescence, and scapular pain.