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          1. Uways:

            Your personal scientific health professionals

            Fiber Tablets

            Fiber Tablets contain large amount of apple fiber, oat fiber, bran fiber and multiple dietary fibers that are seldom intake in our daily diet. It can increase sensations of fullness as effectively as a light meal and achieve the aim of reducing weight. It can also promote defecate and detoxify the body. Taking it persistently can help to effectively prevent coronary heart disease.

            Vitamin CE

            increase collagen production in your skin, brighten skin tone and make skin white and beautiful. Vitamin P can maintain blood vessels healthy. Improve immunity, prevent colds, contribute to the absorption of calcium and iron and inhibit lung tissue damage from smoking. Vitamin E: delay aging, whiten skin, enhance liver detoxification, and process the daily toxins derived from alcohol, tobacco and drugs.



            Improve immunity, increase body resistance to various infections and inhibit tumours; increase body resistance to various harmful radiations; richly contain a-flax acid to help fatty metabolism, prevent thrombus formation and cardiovascular diseases effectively; contain active substance of insulin strengthening which is low glucose and fat but high protein, an ideal nutrient product for diabetics; it is an alkaline material to neutralize stomach acid and to promote restoration of digestibility gastric ulcer.

            Vitamin E

            The vitamin E capsule is extracted from the early wheat germ just one week after germination, wheat is a precious source the nature offer to support Human health, which is entitled within the five grain. And the wheat germ contains 97% of the nutrition. The U-ways VE capsule contains 80mg VE in every capsule, with higher activity and all eight tocopherol.In US, the wheat germ oil is called as the golden liquid.



            CONTACT WITH US


            The products with U-ways brand are clearly classified into middle and old aged series, man series, woman series, and children series. The products can help consumer get rid of the sub health problems, acquire the right scientific concept about health, and enjoy a high-quality life. In recent years since U-ways brand has entered the Chinese market, it has been highly praised and appreciated by consumers with high quality and sincere service. At the same time, it can satisfy the health needs of white-collar.

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