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          1. 80YUways

            Salmon Fish Oil

            Specification: 1000mg/cap*60caps/bot

            Dosage: Capsules
            Suggested Dosage and Usage: 1 capsule 2 times daily
            Main Ingredients: Fish oil, Vitamin E
            Ingredients and Content for every granule,
            Vitamin E----------------------------------------------------------------------2mg
            Storage: Store in dry, cool and dark place
            Unsuitable People: Children
            Notice: This products can not instead of drugs
            Main function: This product can adjust blood fat, clean thrombus and protect retina and so on. It can prevent hypertension, coronary hear disease, arteriosclerosis, thrombus. DHA can improve memory, effectively prevent senile dementia and amnesia.
            Recommend for: People usually taking with high protein and fat; people needing to prevent arteriosclerosis, thrombus; people needing to prevent senile dementia and so on.