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          1. 80YUways

            Deep Sea Fish Oil

            Specification: 1200mg/cap*200caps/bot

            Dosage: Capsules
            Suggested Dosage and Usage: 1 capsule daily
            Main Ingredients: Lecithin, Fish oil, Safflower seeds oil
            Ingredients and Content for every granule,
            Storage: Store in dry, cool and dark place
            Unsuitable People: Children
            Notice: This products can not instead of drugs
            Main function: One of the main content of Leci-Mix Capsule is safflower seed oil containing γ-linolenic to promote fat metabolism and contribute to the prevention of thrombosis. The other main content is fish oil to reduce the blood viscosity and blood cholesterol, help to improve memory and eyesight. In addition, phospholipid to protect cardio-cerebral-vascular system, prevent atherosclerosis, high blood-fat and blood-pressure.
            Recommend for: People with high blood pressure, blood-fat and cholesterol; middle-aged and elderly people.